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Mexico - Migrant Children returned to Central America face gang violence

Publié le 1er-06-2016

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« A report by Human Rights Watch published on 31 March 2016, entitled “Closed doors : Mexico’s failure to protect Central American Refugee and Migrant children” discusses the issue of tens of thousands of children migrating from Central America to Mexico each year. Based on 61 interviews with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants between the ages of 11 and 17, the report documents discrepancies between Mexican legislation and practice. According to its legislation, Mexico offers protection to those who face risks to their lives or safety if they return to their countries of origin. However, according to Mexican government data, less than 1% of children who are apprehended by Mexican immigration authorities are recognised as refugees. Most of the children interviewed are fleeing violence of street gangs.
Children are regularly detained and deported regardless of the dangers they may face, even though Mexican law states that unaccompanied children should be handed over to child protection services.
Increased border security following a rise in the number of child migrants since July 2014 has led the numerous child rights violations.

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