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Council of Europe - Committee on the Prevention of Torture highlights poor detention conditions of irregular migrants in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Publié le 1er-06-2016

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« The European Committee on the Prevention of Torture (CPT) has published its findings on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). Released on 17 March 2016, the report details the CPT’s 5th periodic visit to the country in October 2014 during which they examined, amongst other things, the treatment and conditions of persons in detention. This included a visit, for the first time, to the Reception Centre for Foreigners in Skopje. The CPT reports that no major progress had been made by national authorities since prior visits in 2010 and 2011, and indeed in some respects the situation had worsened. In particular, the CPT notes that the reception centre, which in October 2014 held men, women and children (including 13 unaccompanied minors) was severely overcrowded and that its conditions could be characterised as amounting to inhuman and degrading treatment. Numerous credible allegations by detainees of mistreatment by staff were received by the CPT. The report recommends improvement of the centre’s conditions ; that authorities ensure that irregular migrant families are not separated and are instead accommodated together in appropriate facilities which can provide the necessary care and support, and that children be held in child-friendly spaces. The CPT also recommends the training of staff, improved health services for detainees and access to legal advice and information about their situation. »

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