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Republic of Ireland - Process of bringing 200 child migrants from France begins

Publié le 9-12-2016

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Auteur : Suzanne Lynch

« Irish officials will travel to France in the coming weeks to begin the process of transferring up to 200 unaccompanied minors to Ireland, Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald has confirmed.

The Minister for Justice held a bilateral meeting with French interior minister Bruno Le Roux in Brussels on Friday on the fringes of an EU justice meeting.

“I met with Minister Le Roux to explain to him the motion that was passed in the Dáil and look at the logistical issues around it. Clearly we are now entering preparation phase, and then there’ll be a delivery phase,” she said. “We have agreed that our officials will meet before Christmas to assess the situation.”

Ms Fitzgerald said most of the minors would be unaccompanied young men between the ages of 16 and 18 from Afghanistan, Somalia and Eritrea.

“They are currently in centres throughout France,” she said. “The minister has confirmed to me that his ministers will begin to identify young people who would be suitable to come to Ireland and who would want to come to Ireland, because we don’t want people coming into the system and then disappearing, something that can happen with this age group.” »

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