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Syria conflict : UK to repatriate orphaned children

Publié le 22-11-2019

Source : BBC News

Extraits :

«  A number of orphaned British children caught up in the war in Syria are to be brought home to the UK, the foreign secretary has said.

They will be the first UK citizens to be repatriated from the area of north-eastern Syria formerly controlled by the Islamic State (IS) group.

The "innocent" children should "never have been subjected to the horrors of war", Dominic Raab said.

Charities have urged the government to bring every British child back home.

Those who are returning are expected to arrive in the UK in the coming days.


Other countries including France, Denmark, Norway and Kazakhstan have brought children home.

The United Nations has said countries should take responsibility for their own citizens unless they are to be prosecuted in Syria in accordance with international standards. (...)  »

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