SAFE&SOUND : What states can do to ensure respect for the best interests of unaccompanied and separated children in europe - UNHCR-UNICEF

Publication commune UNHCR et UNICEF.

This is a joint UNHCR UNICEF publication.

Table of contents

1. Introduction and overview
1.1 Background.
1.2 Understanding child mobility
1.3 Operationalizing the best interests principle
1.4 Objective of this document

2. Legal and operational frameworks
2.1 International law
2.3 Regional law and policy
2.3 Additional operational frameworks

3. Definition of concepts

4. Applying the best interests principle in european states
4.1 Arrival and preliminary identification
4.2 Access to territory and identification
4.3 Registration and documentation
4.4 Referral to State child protection services
4.5 Process planning
4.6 Applying the best interests principle in asylum and immigration procedures
4.7 Identifying a durable solution
4.8 Monitoring

5. Conclusion

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