SCEP - Review of current laws, policies and practices relating to age assessment in sixteen European Countries

Source :

Auteur : The Separated Children in Europe Programme (SCEP)

Date : Mai 2011

Table of Contents

  • I. Introduction
    I. a. Background : Age assessment practices in Europe
    I. b. SCEP standards
    I. c. Methodology
    I. d. Structure of the report
  • II. Summary of national age assessment situations
    II. a. Austria
    II. b. Belgium
    II. c. Denmark
    II. d. Estonia
    II. e. Finland
    II. f. Hungary
    II. g. Ireland
    II. h. Italy
    II. i. Malta
    II. j. The Netherlands
    II. k. Norway
    II. l. Poland
    II. m. Portugal
    II. n. Slovenia
    II. o. Spain
    II. p. The United Kingdom
    III. Key-protection issues related to age assessment
    III. a. Legal framework
    III. b. Practice
    Annex I – Questionnaire

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