Terre des Hommes - Child labour among Refugees of the Syrian Conflict

Source : Terre des Hommes



1. At a Glance

2. Context and Scope of the Child Labour Report 2016

3. Objectives and Methodology

4. Legal Provisions to Protect Children from Labour

5. The Humanitarian Framework of Response to the Syrian Crisis

6. The Situation in Syria

7. The Situation in Neighbouring Countries
7.1 Jordan
7.2 Lebanon
7.3 Iraq
7.4 Turkey

8. The situation on the Western Balkan Route and in Europe
8.1 Situation in the Transit Countries
8.2 Situation in Germany

9. Conclusion

10. Recommendations
10.1 Appeal to end the Suffering in Syria
10.2 General Recommendations
10.3 Recommendations to the European Union
10.4 Recommendations to National Governments
10.5 Recommendations to Non-Governmental Organisations
10.6 Recommendations to Businesses and Trade Unions

Annex 1 : Literature Review
Annex 2 : Interview Guideline
Annex 3 : List of Interview Partners and Focus Group Discussions
Annex 4 : Participatory Consultations with Refugee and IDP Working Children

Acronyms and Abbreviations

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