Camps at Calais and Grande-Synthe : Policing and Access to Justice

Source : Bar Human Rights Section Royaume-Uni

Auteurs : Stephen Cragg QC and Gráinne Mellon

Date : juillet 2016


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Observation at the Calais “Jungle” camp

« At the time of the Mission, the Southern camp had been almost entirely demolished pursuant to an order of the Tribunal Administratif de Lille dated 25 February 2016. This involved with an estimated 3500 persons including 300 unaccompanied children being evicted to a different section of the camp, and the wide scale destruction of communal areas. At the time of the Mission, the only communal facilities remaining in the Southern camp were a bookshop, a number of schools run by volunteers and a makeshift Ethiopian Church. »
«  BHRC observed a large number of children in the camp within families and also a number of apparently unaccompanied children. BHRC understands that Help Refugees have concluded that 544 unaccompanied children were based in Calais as at June 2016. »

Observation at the Grande-Synthe camp

Legal Framework

  • Violence in the camps

A. Preliminary Observations
B. Policing in the Camps

  • Use of Excessive force : beatings

« Strikingly, the report concludes that over 61% of unaccompanied children “never
feel safe” within the camps ; and 81.5% of women in the camp have reported
suffering police violence since arriving in the camps.
« The Mission is particularly concerned about the purported frequency of incidents of this nature and on the impact of such violence on vulnerable groups such as accompanied and unaccompanied children and women. »

  • Use of excessive force : Tear Gas
  • Use of Excessive force : Evictions and demolitions
  • Failure to protect
  • Access to justice
  • Access to information
  • Recommendations

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