Europe-wide failure to anticipate and tackle "colossal" migration crisis

Source : Parlement britannique

« After a year-long inquiry, the Home Affairs Committee says EU action to address a crisis it should have foreseen has been "too little, too late", with the EU-Turkey agreement a partial solution at best which raises serious humanitarian, human rights, logistical and legal concerns.


Key findings


  • Thousands of those in the Calais Jungle are Syrians, Eritreans, Sudanese, Iranians and Iraqis, including many children, many of whom have family members in the UK or other ties to this country. It is clear that many people in these camps are entitled to humanitarian protection or refugee status, and that their claims should be processed in the UK. Much more could and should be done through family reunion and accepting unaccompanied children, including increased use of safe and legal migration routes.
  • Allowing unaccompanied children to join family members already in the UK might result in more vulnerable young people making dangerous journeys to try to reach the UK, but the Committee agrees with the Bishop of Durham that the 157 unaccompanied children now in Calais who have family members in the UK "should already have arrived" in the UK. The Government should as a one-off accept all of these children into the UK now. »
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