Eurochild - Is Europe doing enough to invest in children ?

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« 2016 Eurochild Report on the European Semester

Child-centred policy makes sense both for social inclusion and long-term sustainable economic growth. Child poverty in the EU continues to drain the potential of children and society. Over one in four child in the EU is at risk of poverty.

By giving visibility to children, the European Semester, which is the EU’s framework for economic policies, can help build more resilient communities, societies and economies. The Eurochild Report assesses the 2016 European Semester process and offers recommendations as to how the EU macroeconomic governance channels can support elimination of child poverty and promotion of children’s rights.

The 2016 Eurochild Report on the European Semester is based on the assessment of 28 contributors from 20 Member States documented in the 20 country profiles included in this report. »

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