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Symposium Public Policy Exchange - Reforming the Common European Asylum System : Towards a Unified, Fair and Effective Policy

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Mercredi 16 novembre 2016 de 10h00 à 16h30
Symposium Public Policy Exchange - Reforming the Common European Asylum System : Towards a Unified, Fair and Effective Policy
Lieu : Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre
Avenue du Boulevard 17, 1210 Brussels

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Source : Public Policy Exchange

In 2015, more than one million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe. Conflict in Syria, ongoing violence in Iraq and Afghanistan, poverty in Kosovo and abuses in Eritrea led and still lead people via Turkey and Albania to the EU, seeking a better life and new perspectives. Applications for asylum reached enormous numbers with 1,321,560 million, about four times higher than in 2014.

The Common European Asylum System (CEAS) thought to provide common minimum standards for the treatment of all asylum seekers. It also leaves a lot of discretion to Member States resulting in differing treatment of asylum seekers and varying recognition rates amongst EU Member States, though.

Concerning the present refugee crisis this lack of consensus led to a conflict within the EU. Member States have been unable in finding a unified solution how to deal best with resettling people and some countries are taking over more responsibilities than others, struggling to cope with the influx. Highly controversial topics as the Implementation of the EU-Turkey Agreement, as well as harsh EU border controls and negotiations on EU Coast Guards have caused discord. The functioning of the Common European Asylum System at European Union level, however, can only succeed if responsibilities will be shared.

Therefore the Commission has set out steps to be taken towards a more humane, fair and efficient European asylum policy in April 2016, in order to tackle existing weaknesses and inequalities in the existing Asylum Procedures Directive. A first package of legislative proposals was presented by the Commission in May 2016. It is supposed to establish a sustainable and fair Dublin system for determining the MemberState responsible for examining asylum applications, as well as reinforcing the Eurodac system and transforming the European Asylum Support Office ( EASO) into an European Agency for Asylum.

This international Symposium will discuss the current EU Agenda on Asylum. The symposium will examine the implications of current directives and rules for asylum at an EU level and assess the implementation challenges for Member States. It will also offer a platform to discuss the current changes in the Asylum Policy and explore how all stakeholders must contribute to facilitate better cooperation and better protection for asylum seekers.

Why Attend ?

- Find out more about the Reform challenges of the Common European Asylum System
- Analyse the new European Agenda on Migration
- Explore possibilities for increasing cooperation between Member States
- Develop best integration practices from innovative projects implemented in Europe


09:15 Registration and Morning Refreshments

10:00 Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

10:10 Reforming the Common European Asylum System : Discussing the EU Agenda on Asylum

- Reforming the Asylum Procedures Directive : Establishing a Regulation to Harmonise a Common EU Procedure
- The Dublin System : Creating a Fairer, more Efficient and more Sustainable Procedures
- Recommendations for Future Policy Actions

10:40 First Round of Discussions

11:10 Morning Coffee Break

11:30 Creating Harmonised and Dignified Reception Conditions throughout the EU

- Reforming the Reception Conditions Directive : Ensuring a Common Minimum Standard of Living
- Granting Early Access to the Labour Market : The New Qualification Regulation
- Discussing Common Reinforced Guarantees for Unaccompanied Minors and Asylum Seekers with Special Needs

12:00 Second Round of Discussions

12:30 Networking Lunch

13:30 Enhancing the EU Border Control : Striking the Right Balance Between State Security and Migrant Protection

- The EURODAC Regulation : Establishing an EU Asylum Fingerprint Database
- Reshaping the Frontex Border Agency : Introducing a New EU Border Control System and Coast Guards
- The EU Action Plan Against Migrant Smuggling : Achievements and Ways Forward

14:00 Third Round of Discussions

14:30 Afternoon Coffee Break

14:50 Promoting Better Integration Policies and Opportunities for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

- Social and Labour Market Integration of Refugees and Asylum-seekers : Discussing the Blue Card Initiative
and Alternative Ways to Promote faster Employability and Social Inclusion
- Return Initiatives : Sharing Best Practices
- Discussing Compulsory Language and Integration Courses
- High-wire acts : Discussing Cultural Integration and Mental-Health amongst Asylum Seekers

15:20 Fourth Round of Discussions

15:50 Chair’s Summary and Closing Remarks

16:00 Networking Reception and Refreshments

16:30 Symposium Close

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