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ADCS - Age assessment guidance

Guidance to assist social workers and their managers in undertaking age assessments in England

Publié le mardi 26 janvier 2016 , mis à jour le mardi 26 janvier 2016

Source :

Auteur : The Association of Directors of Childrens Services

Date : Octobre 2015

Chapter 1 – Do you need to undertake this age assessment ?
Chapter 2 - Before you start

Additional needs and vulnerabilities
Immigration status
Suitable accommodation
Chapter 3 - Planning and preparation
Allocating social workers
Responsibility for work
Information gathering
Information from other sources
Appropriate adult
Scheduling time for assessment
Chapter 4 - Conducting the interview(s)
Explaining the purpose of the interview and different roles
Sample explanation of role
Appropriate adults
Recording and sharing information
Questioning the child or young person
Other issues
Chapter 5 - Making the decision
Benefit of the doubt and presumption of age
Addressing gaps and inconsistencies
Clarifying information before reaching a decision
Chapter 6 – Conclusions and sharing results
Sharing Results
Chapter 7 - What happens next ?
Where further information becomes available

A) Model information sharing proforma
B) Trafficking
C) Trauma and memory
D) Impact of the asylum claim
E) Accommodation and placements
F) The use of country of origin information and information from other sources
G) Age disputes in the criminal justice system
H) Interpreters
I) Appropriate Adults
J) Hillingdon and Croydon Guidelines
K) Confidentiality
L) Detention
M) Timescales
N) Legislation and case law

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